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DOIT Releases Travel Pamphlet with Preferential Offers

As part of the City Government’s efforts to increase Taipei’s tourist appeal, the EasyCard Corporation was commissioned by Department of Information and Tourism (DOIT) in 2006 to issue the Taipei Pass—an IC ticket for transport in Taipei. Starting May 13, those buying the ticket will receive an additional foldout pamphlet providing travel information and preferential deals.

The pamphlet contains coupons for 32 stores in the capital, including ones offering a 10% discount at ice dessert shops on the famous Yongkang Street, 50% discount for a spa experience at SweetMe Hotspring Resort, 20% admission discount at Taipei Water Park, and more. These offers are valid until December 31, 2011.

Apart from that, the foldout pamphlet also features four recommended routes to travel in Taipei, with itineraries highlighting shopping, gourmet tours, cultural exploration, and historical discovery.

With the opening up of individual travel for mainlanders starting June, DOIT will hand out 300 Taipei Pass foldout pamphlets to visitors and industry players at the forthcoming Shanghai World Travel Fair taking place between May 13 and 15. It is aimed at attracting more mainlanders to the island to discover the diversity and vibrancy of the City.

Further information regarding the content and use of the pamphlet can be found at http://www.taipeitravel.net or you can call (02)2720-8889, ext. 3343. For those interested in buying a Taipei Pass, please visit www.easycard.com.tw or call (02)412-8880.