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Seoul Metropolitan Government Holds ‘Online Inauguration Ceremony’ for Seoul Mayor Open to Everyone for First Time (Seoul)

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold an inaugural ceremony for the 35th Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon through a live webcasting at the Mayor’s Office on the 7th floor at the Annex Building 1 of Seoul City Hall Seosomun for 40 minutes, starting at 11 am on November 16.

The ceremony will be an “open inaugural ceremony,” which will appoint all citizens as Seoul Mayor, under the slogan, “Citizens are Mayors.”

The inaugural ceremony will take place via live webcast, which is quite unusual. The inner room and interior of the Mayor’s Office, which was recently renovated, will be made public via the webcasting over the Internet.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government said it is the first time that the Mayoral Office will be disclosed to the public, and the move holds a symbolic meaning as a gesture to return the authority and glory of the Seoul Mayoral Post to citizens.

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