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SMART CITIES INDEX: First study on the situation of ICT, Innovation and Knowledge management in UCLG Members

During the past decades ICT, Innovation and Knowledge have experienced a great development, becoming key elements of social and economic progress for the territories and for the citizens.

The world is becoming more and more digital, being really difficult to stay aside these transformations. Such a great process of change and its implications on the actual social model requires an appropriate answer from Local Authorities.

The Information and Communication Technologies are a key factor for innovation, a tool for knowledge management and the increase of productivity and consequently local competitiveness. The endless amount of information that can be found on the Web would not be useful if we are not able to capture, organize and analyze such information and transform it into a shared asset that helps to improve citizens´ quality of life.

In 2005 during the II World Summit of Cities and Local Authorities on the Information Society held in the City of Bilbao, the local authorities committed themselves to work to achieve a full access to the Information Society in their cities and regions through the implementation of the Digital Local Agendas, a local strategy for the development of the Information Society in a region.

Now, after more than 5 years, the moment has come to make a balance. For this reason, the Committee of Digital and Knowledge Based Cities wants to support the completion of this study, so that it can constitute the starting point to know about the real state of the art referring to ICTs, Innovation and Knowledge, so that we cab be able to establish some indicators that allow us to know whether we are working in the right direction in order to achieve more competitive cities.

We kindly encourage all members of the Committee and UCLG to contribute to our study by fulfilling this Data collection form and sending it to the Technical Secretary before September, 9th, 2011

For survey form and more information please click here for the Committee of Digital and Knowledge Based Cities webpage