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Tomsk Vice Mayor visit Taipei City on ICT initiatives (Taipei/Tomsk)

Vice Mayor Sevostyanov of Tomsk City, Russia visited Taipei City Government on December 7, 2011. In boosting bilateral relations of the two cities, the vice mayor met with various Taipei City officials, and received warm welcome by the Department of Information Technology (DOIT). The DOIT Commissioner Chang Chia-sheng accompanied the vice mayor in a presentation session that introduces Taipei City’s UI-Taipei initiatives, also the latest in e-government and City Cloud application services. The two leaders also exchanged ideas and thoughts on Taipei City’s public service innovation, which recently received the Service Innovation award in FutureGov Awards 2011.

After the presentation session, Vice Mayor Parshuto, accompanied by Mr. Sergei V. Sidorenko, head of the Geo-information support division at Tomsk, was given a tour to the IT Month exhibition at Taipei International Convention Center. They visited Taipei City Government’s exhibition booth, witnessed the City Cloud application services and the Map of Taipei Amusement (MOTA) kiosk that were on live display at the booth. The vice mayor took time participated in the demonstrations, and expressed interest in these creative services that DOIT offers.

Taipei City is the organizing city of ANMC21’s “ICT Initiatives for Urban Development” project. The City of Tomsk, Russia, is the observer city of ANMC21 since 2010, and an active participant of the ANMC21 activities.